Tree hollows

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31 December 2018

My final year of a visual arts degree was spent looking into tree hollows on a densely forested mountain right in the centre of Canberra, called Black Mountain. I spent most of the year trying to map out the naturally forming hollows in eucalyptus trees in different ways. The most successful of these was the Field notes on trees and hollows text generator, but over the course of the year there was also drawing, mapping, notetaking, printmaking, photogrammetry.

Survey notes

Midway through the year I tried to set up a more routine way of taking notes. As it happened there was not much opportunity for fieldwork in the second half of the year.

Survey notes 1 - an arduous workflow for gathering data on the mountainside.

Survey notes 2 - the data archive structure, which is lifted from PARADISEC.

Survey notes 3 - a briefer, albeit incomplete, description of the data gathering workflow.