Bootleg Animal Crossing

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14 November 2020

You can set out on beautiful journeys, meet fellow pilgrims, and pitch your tent by the roadside for a short kip.

Follow a multitude of professions: alchemist, apothecary, artist, herbalist, pilgrim, poet, retiree, scholar, warfarer, wizard.

Check the mailbox regularly. It holds post out front of your house on working days, but takes the weekend off.

Random event: explore the Red Grotto, where you will meet, and be supplanted by, your doppelgänger.

Take the train into the city! You will embark in the morning, and until you’ve returned from your adventure in the big smoke, the game will be inaccessible.

Random event: the museum curator has left his post. Later, you discover a strange cavern on the edge of town - and wasn’t this here his trusty lantern? You hear something approaching.