Thomas Kneale Wyatt

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On Black Mountain - living archive for a mountain in Canberra (ongoing)

Notes on database fiction - thoughts about Reagan Library and Uncle Roger (1 June 2022)

Home range - a birdwatching game set on a mountain in Canberra (31 December 2021)

Summer holiday - a game about travelling, travelling, travelling (31 December 2021)

Bootleg Animal Crossing - an unrealised nightmare (14 November 2020)

Boundary trees - an unrealised tree tracking project (5 October 2020)

Banana phone - a crap phone (19 January 2020)

Classic of mountains - remembering my first twine games (1 January 2020)

Field notes on trees and hollows - generative texts about birds and tree hollows (31 December 2018)

Tree hollows on Black Mountain - other images and documents about tree hollows (31 December 2018)

World wide web - online references - finished games